This week’s recipes feature pork, poultry, fresh vegetables and greens. To make your search easier, here is a list of vendors who may offer certain ingredients. While scouting out your ingredients, feel free to substitute and modify the recipes with other treasures you find at the market.

Bakers Farm: Cascades/Leesburg – Various cuts of fresh, local healthy pork; no hormones.
Bigg Riggs Farm: Cascades/Leesburg – Home-grown produce and homemade preserved products.
Breezy Meadow Farm: Leesburg – Antibiotic/hormone-free poultry, & grass-fed Water Buffalo.
Dancing Cow Farm: Leesburg – Beef and pork.
Glascocks Produce: Leesburg – WVA’s finest fruits and vegetables from a sustainable farm.
Green Acres Family Farm: Leesburg – Pastured poultry & vegetables. Non-gmo/no antibiotics or steroids.
Honey Brook Farms: Leesburg – Chemical-free Eggs/Meat. Fresh produce, RAW Honey, Heirloom Apples.
Lothar’s Gourmet Sausages: Leesburg – Local, natural sausages, bacons and other fine gourmet meat.
Milcreek Farm: Cascades/Leesburg – Beef, lamb, goat, brown eggs, meat chickens and turkey.
Mill Road Farm: Leesburg – Grass Fed Angus Beef, Honey and Lamb.
Shenandoah Seasonal: Leesburg – Chemical free vegetables, specialty greens, herbs, and flowers.
Shenandoah Valley Produce: Leesburg – Produce – chemical-free with organic certified, non-GMO seed.
Woodtrail Graziers: Leesburg – Grass-fed beef, pastured Tamworth pork, pastured chicken and eggs.


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