Are there farmers, bakers, fermented foods vendors, salsa makers and others you shop, regularly, at our Farmers Markets?

Fruit and produce farmers are busy planting, fertilizing, weeding, pruning and harvesting, while livestock farmers are concentrating on such tasks as pasture management, the feeding and health of the stock, growing or acquiring hay and supplemental food sources, and so much more. Other vendors, such as cheese makers, bread makers, and coffee roasters are busy bringing you the freshest, highest quality products they possibly can. Often, not a great deal of time remains to promote their businesses.

Have you, and maybe your children ever visited one of our vendor’s farms? Did a produce farmer ever offer useful tips about the perfect way to prepare a vegetable to achieve the most amazing flavor pop? Are you impressed by the quality a vendor offers each market weekend? Did a baker work with you to order that perfect dessert for a special occasion? Are you just really impressed by the Farmer’s Market as a whole? Scream it from the rooftops, or….

Bring your smart phone or camera to market. Take pictures of a vendor. Take pictures of the products. Post your pictures and tell the story of your experiences on social media. Positive feedback and promotion will not just make the vendors smile, it has the potential of increasing their business, allowing them to further upgrade parts of their business they wish to improve even further. In the end, it will also help to grow the market. More customers, equals more vendors equals more customers equals more vendors…equals an even better selection for you!

And, before you get started on this latest assignment, let us say THANK YOU for your loyalty. We are so proud that you include us in your week!