Market Mascots

Our Market Mascot program began in 2014 in hopes of engaging our youngest visitors. LVHMC seeks to encourage children to talk with farmers and producers who make, grow and raise their food. We hope this will also spark conversations among families that will make the markets a place to have fun and learn.

While looking for the Mascot (the mascot is a cat beanie about 8-10 inches tall and each market has a different one) children can talk to the vendors and learn more about what they find at the market.

Each Market Mascot hides at a different vendors stand each week. Children, elementary school age and younger, are encouraged to look carefully for the cat because the cat can be very tricky. They are welcome to enlist the help of the vendors who are very good at giving clues.

Once a child finds the Mascot they can tell the Market Manager (in some cases a vendor may manage the Mascot) where they found the Mascot. Then the kids can choose a prize from the box.

Parents can also make good use of the Market Mascot to talk to their children about what they see at the market. Pointing out that the Mascot is hiding in vegetables or behind a plant will help children recognize the many things that are at the market.

We love that families come to the market together and are happy to offer this program at all of our markets.